Idyllwild Pines Camp is a business because it’s one of the few camps that operates with no funding from any outside help. They are here for the people that want what they have to offer.

When those people come to the camp, they come here for the chance to learn more and to leave the world they live in. They rent the camp and now it’s “theirs” until they leave. And they set the rules!

Look at what is happening everywhere; nothing is safe anymore. They pay for what we can give them and what they want.

I have been at this camp for almost eight years. About two years ago, the renters started telling us they were beginning to become concerned about outside people walking through the camp and was there anything we can do about it.

In the last eight months, they are now demanding we stop people from walking through the camp or they will have to find another camp who will fill their demands.

So everyone that wrote the community can help be a part of the solution, then OK, tell me how?

Remember, they rent, they came and it’s theirs until they leave.

Oh, we could say we want anyone that wants to walk through our camp to be able to do that and if you don’t like it go somewhere else because Idyllwild town people will pay the rent if you don’t.

One person wrote “We are not the problem, but we can become part of the solution.” If that were true, and people knew where you were coming from I would be embarrassed to say you were concerned.

Michael Freitas