On Sunday, Jan. 18, I was walking my bloodhound Dooley on a leash in Pine Cove at about 3:15 p.m.  I turned off Sylvan Way to Oak Leaf Lane.

Toward the end of Oak Leaf, a small gray pitbull-mix came down a driveway and attacked my dog.  The attacking dog was fast and without warning, grabbed my dog and would not let go.  A man across the street came over and kicked the pitbull-mix off my dog.

About this time, someone up where the attacking dog came from whistled and the pitbull-mix ran up the driveway.  Dooley was bleeding badly so I got him home and he was taken to a veterinarian.  A large part of ear was bitten off and he has several big lacerations on his leg.

I have contacted Animal Control and they are looking into the incident.

Warning: This is dangerous dog who attacked without warning. Anyone with information on this dog please contact me at 951-659-5457 or Riverside Animal Control at 951-358-7387.

John Edmiston