Thieves stole over 400 pounds of copper fixtures from KATY’s (Temecula 101.3) antenna at Inspiration Point in Idyllwild.

KATY tower at Inspiration Point
EIR antenna copper bay, one of three stolen from KATY antenna at Inspiration Point. Photo courtesy of ERI.

Bill McNulty, KATY general manager, is assisting law enforcement with evidence that could lead to identification of the thieves. The station will be offering a reward that would be paid if information provided leads to arrest and conviction of any one of the thieves.

The thieves stole copper pieces of the KATY antenna (three bays of a four bay ERI antenna system, see photo) valued at over $20,000. Each of the pieces weighed around 100 pounds. They were stored inside the fenced area at the KATY transmitter site. McNulty discovered the theft on a routine inspection of the site on August 8. Part of the fence surrounding the antenna site had been cut, the part of the fencing on the downhill side facing the Idyllwild Arts campus.

McNulty filed a police report, a deputy came, made an inspection and collected evidence.

Sheriff's deputy collects evidence. Photo by Marshall Smith

Anyone with information about this incident should contact Hemet Station front desk (951) 791-3412 or dispatch at (951) 776-1099. See picture for image of one of the copper antenna items stolen.


  1. Just curious to why this article was re-written. It originally stated "Thieves caught on surveillance cameras stole over 400 pounds of copper fixtures from KATY's antenna at Inspiration Point in Idyllwild over a three-day period."…also if this happened back on the 8th of this month..Why is it just now being let known to the public? Alot of locals, and some visitors go to Inspiration Point, and to be able to know where to enter and exit through the cut fence. What kind of tool would this take to cut the fence?

  2. I remember last year in the news, a guy on the shallow-end of the gene pool was trying to cut copper from a live wire at an Edison station by an abandoned golf course. Caused a power outage, unintentionally performed his own cremation. He is probably connected to these guys.

    so if I got my hands on 400 lbs of copper. what would I do with it? drive it to a recycling center? the recycling worker there is probably in on it too. if it's 20k to replace, guessing thieves would get half of that ($12k) because it's stolen. and since "thieves" is plural, I'm guessing its 2 guys with a hernia now but probably 3 guys in a Ford pickup truck with a tarp cover.

    so now you have 3 guys splitting 12k, at $4k a share. most likely out of work construction workers, that already own all the tools to cut fence and wires, otherwise that would dig into the profit margin. I'm gonna guess that at least 1 dude is an electrician, because copper plumbers would get zapped.

    Ok, I'll stop impersonating Maxwell Smart, Columbo and Inspector Cluseau. i solved the case, the cops just need to pick these guy up now, and release them right after that, because in Riverside, jails are full.

  3. Original post looked like this, before the revision.

    "Thieves caught on surveillance cameras stole over 400 pounds of copper fixtures from KATYâs (Temecula 101.3) antenna at Inspiration Point in Idyllwild over a three-day period. Surveillance tapes show the thieves on three trips to the antenna: one on Sunday, July 15 at 5:15 p.m.; they returned on Thursday, July 26 at 6 p.m. and […]"

  4. Saw some cops arresting people in town today and also heard they were over at the house by the school that had the drug bust a couple months ago. Anybody know anything? Is this related to the copper theft?