There are three infuriating aspects of Michael Rasson’s recent letter [see the Sept. 20 issue of the Town Crier] concerning access to the creek near Idyllwild Pines.

First, it’s a cowardly, ad hominem smear (meaning an attack on an opponent’s personal character, rather than the policy or position she or he maintains).

Second, it’s not true. Idyllwild Pines has extended itself for the benefit of the community. It generously provided land for both the Dog Park and Skate Park, just recently it spent thousands of dollars to construct a community walk path between Idyllbrook Drive and Highway 243. And [camp officials] are currently working out details to make their art studio (a facility that does not exist anywhere else in town) available to the community during their off-season in the winter.

Third, the Town Crier chooses to continue printing incendiary slurs, seemingly without any concern for standards of fairness or decency, thus creating or perpetuating a sense of mistrust and disillusionment in the community.

Judy Schonebaum


  1. I agree. Too many whiner (or more likely winos) in Town that complain about everything, don't take responsibility for their own actions, want more free stuff that doesn't belong to them. It's an entitlement culture based on presumption.

    To be fair, thanks to the Town Crier admin for posting Judy Schonebaum's letter as well.