“The State Water Resources Control Board relies on 2013 consumption as the baseline to compare current usage” is what was stated in last week’s Idyllwild Water article. But here in Idyllwild in 2013, there could have been as many as 200 homes for sale, many which were vacant. Now, most of the homes are sold, and some have full-time residents living in them.

Total consumption is ridiculous for our area of varying home dwellers. Yes, all communities vary with the number of people in a home changing each season: children are born, head off to college, deaths, etc. But here it varies the most as part-time homes are empty one month, full the next and in 2013 you have to add the homes for sale.

In 2013, Idyllwild was still in recession and our water consumption was probably lower than normal with fewer businesses and population. I don’t believe we have the mandated low-flow toilets upon sale of a property like the mandated water heater strapping. Some cities have had that mandate since 2000 (Poway, for one). So our current fast home selling doesn’t improve consumption.

Basically, it is up to each homeowner to look on their bill and see usage last month and compare to this month to see how they are saving water. My son is coming home for the summer and our consumption will be higher. Flushing toilet, shower and laundry are unavoidable, even with the most water-saving fixtures on the market. We’ll send him to Grandma’s for a weekend break, and who knows? I may have to send laundry with him.

But politicians and their state boards are comparing apples to oranges instead of looking at total population vs. consumption to see the ratio go up or down.

Merrie VonSeggern