This is in response to the letters to the Town Crier dated Oct. 4, 2012, by Dan Peitsch and Mike Reno.

Yes, Dan, we will never build a better society if we allow ourselves to be divided rich against poor, race against race, Republican against Democrat, government against the governed. Yet, I have never in my 66 years seen such division and animosity between Republicans and Democrats.

Recently, a Romney sign in a front yard was chain-sawed and a molotov cocktail was thrown at a house (thankfully, not here in “harmonious” Idyllwild). Just this morning (Monday) I read accounts of people urinating on Romney signs. I have also heard of many accounts of cars sporting Romney stickers being “keyed,” one time so severely the entire car had to be repainted.

And, as for Mr. Reno calling Republicans “the stupidest people on the planet” — nice move, Mike. That statement will certainly bring the two sides together … not. What ever happened to freedom of speech and “let’s agree to disagree”? Both sides strongly feel that their candidate is the better leader for America. Let’s be civil about our differences of opinion. I’ll leave you with one thought for Nov. 6: “Tyranny is always sold as freebies, as compassion, when in fact it is an iron fist in a silk glove.”

Maureen Rose
Fern Valley


  1. Ms. Rose do not forget that the republicans are doing the same thing to our President Obama signs. You make it sound like only Romney signs are being targeted. Shame on you. You are part of the divide in this country.

  2. United We Stand, Divided…

    still think Al-Waleed bin Talal is a flipping genius employing Fox News advertising profits for Hamas and the like – smells like Hegilian Dialectic gone wild, slightly more boring than drunk girls. Err