Clesson H. Harvey
Clesson H. Harvey, an Idyllwild resident for 23 years, died of natural causes at the age of 87 1⁄2 in his Idyllwild home on Thursday morning, Oct. 18, 2012. Clesson’s last days were spent in meditation. Those around him give testimony to his sharp and brilliant brain, and his longing to be loved. Up until the end, Clesson searched for answers; or could it have been that he was confirming his discoveries and positioning them all into a much bigger perspective? Some think so.

A retired American physics and chemistry teacher, Clesson’s education included courses in Tibetan and ancient Egyptian religion at the University of California, Berkeley. His hobbies included translating ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic texts and complex number and elementary particle theory development.

Author of many articles and books, Clesson studied the Pyramid Texts for over 40 years and his interpretations are unique. He discovered a new way to translate the Pyramid Texts, the oldest known “religious” texts in the world, and believed they had nothing to do with religion, but are rather a technical manual to operate a very powerful machine that was controlled with the mind. In an interview he declared: “I am currently the only translator in the world who actually believes that the Ancient Egyptians wrote about spiritual things with extraordinary precision in the pyramid texts and should not have their words constantly rewritten by hopelessly inconsistent Egyptologists.”

Clesson will be missed by many and others will be happy that he has gone home. Whatever the case may be, “We will miss you Clesson. Thank you for the privilege and honor to have been by your side. From those who got to know you better during your last days and fell in love with you: rest in peace!”


  1. Clesson Harvey was my Mother's cousin. I have not seen him since he flew his fighter plane to Maine to visit his family years ago. At the time his Mother's sister was still living, and we all had a wonderful visit. He even took each of us girls up for a ride in his plane! I would email him periodically to keep him updated on family. Sometimes he would answer with a quick sentence, other times he would not answer. I knew he was always poring over his books and had little time to chat. I thought of him today, and was going to send another email to let him know my Mother passed. I was very saddened to find his obituary. Rest in peace dear Clesson, love you Vicki Pinkham