I am writing to comment on the article titled “Palms to Pines Scenic Byway plan complete” that appeared in the Nov. 1 edition of the Town Crier.

I would like to draw attention to the sections titled “Threats and Weaknesses” in the Plan [page 131 of the “Palms to Pines Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan,” June 2012]. All are valid and serious concerns. I would like to point out the following facts.

This is important information especially for full-time residents and property owners. Especially if the push for this assault on our gentle way of life continues.

We have limited surface space, here on the Hill, that we share with forests, meadows, wildlife and seasonal running brooks and streams. It is called nature. If we were to lose the smallest part of this valuable resource, it would be a tragedy.

What brings visitors to the Hill is the peace and quiet, nature, hiking and the arts.

The article mentions Pinyon and Garner Valley and that those attending community meetings from these areas showed “little to no enthusiasm for more tourism.”

Thank you, Pinyon and Garner Valley for wanting to protect what you have. I disagree with the statement that Idyllwild is “tourist dependent.” This is a statement made by those who wish to push commercialism and the marketing of our little village. There are those of us who value this gentle way of life.

I vote no on the scenic byway plan. I vote to protect what we have.

Karin Sinclair
Pine Cove