This is my fourth effort writing this column. There are always one or two groups I omit. Although I have limited space, someone will feel slighted.

Nevertheless, I encourage you to get involved in our community. It’s good for you and clearly good for all of us.

Below I’ve listed many, not necessarily all, Hill groups which serve the community and use volunteers to function.

There are more; I’ve specifically omitted churches and other places of worship because if that’s your cause, you’ll find it without my help. Others who deserve mention, but are not listed, are simply an unintentional error. My apologies.

So c’mon, pick a group and try it. Seventy–five percent of all resolutions are abandoned before Valentine’s Day. But you might find the camaraderie worth your investment of time.

Alcoholics Anonymous, 659-2409.
American Legion Post 800, Ron Draper, commander; Gerry Rowe, SALS, 659-3517.
American Legion Post 800 Women’s Auxiliary, B.J. Ebner and Terri Richardson, co-presidents, 659-3517.
ARF (Idyllwild Animal Rescue Friends), 659-1122.
Art Alliance of Idyllwild, 1-877-439-5278.
Associates of Idyllwild Arts Foundation, Anne Erikson, president, 659-2171.
Mary Austin Scholarships & Grants, 659-3346.
Awareness Meditation Group, Esther Kennedy, 659-2523.
AYSO Soccer, Wendy Read, 659-2819.
Boy Scout Troop 508, Charles Schelly, 659-4663.
Camp Alandale Friends 4 Orphans, 659-5253.
Cancer Self-help Group, Donna Van Leuven, (909) 225-9555.
Community Arts Network, Judith Schonebaum, 659-4251.
Earthwitness Foundation, Christina Nordella, (760) 699-4812.
ESL classes, Idyllwild School, Erin O’Neill, 659-2668.
Forest Service Volunteer Association, Mike Taggart, 659-4532.
Friends of Idyllwild Library, Adele Voell, 659-4069.
Friends of the San Jacinto Mountain County Parks, Scott Fisher, (562) 212-2353.
Garner Valley Book Club, Marianne Shumway, 659-6049.
Garner Valley Women’s Club, Athena Geges, 659-6329.
Girl Scouts, Jessica Priefer, 659-8653 or Verna McQueeney, 659-2916.
Golden Carrot Horse Rescue, (951) 763-0800.
High Country Garden Club, Annika Knoppel, 1-888-834-9005, ext. 5.
Hilltop Horsemen, Chuck Streeter, 659-2167.
Idyll Hours Time Bank, Judith Schonebaum 659-4251, [email protected].
Idyllwild Area Historical Society, 659-2717.
Idyllwild Community Fund, (951) 684-4194.
Idyllwild Community Meditation, Valerie Velez, (951) 392-6507.
Idyllwild Earth Fair, Holly Owens, 659-5484.
Idyllwild Firefighters Association, 659-2153.
Idyllwild Francophonie, (fluent-French speakers), Francoise Frigola, 659-4146.
Idyllwild Garden Club, Antoinette Berthelotte, 659-2907.
Idyllwild HELP Center, 659-2110.
Idyllwild Part-timer’s Network, Kathy Styles, [email protected].
Idyllwild Right to Life, 659-5228.
Idyllwild Summer Concerts Inc., Ken Dahleen, 659-2229.
Inlandia Institute, Myra Dutton, 659-4232.
Isis Theatre Company, (951) 692-9553.
La Leche League, 1-800-LA-LECHE.
Lemon Lily Festival Steering Committee, Bryan Tallent, 659-5556.
Living Free, Steve Carlson, 659-4687.
Mile High Radio Club, Bill Tell, 659-4438.
Mountain Community Patrol, John Edmiston, 659-5457.
Mountain Disaster Preparedness, Michael T. Feyder, 659-2647.
Mountain Emergency Medical Services Committee (MEMSCOMM), 659-2153.
Mountain Quilters of Idyllwild, Chris Finney, 659-0146.
Narcotics Anonymous, 1-800-397-2333. See Town Crier Community Calendar for meeting information.
Olde English Theatre Players, Doug Austin, 659-2250.
Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO), “The Nutty Ladies,” Linda McCaughin, 659-6028.
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services, Paul Miglin, (951) 258-5106.
Red Hot Mountain Mamas (Red Hat Society), Pat Murphy, 659-2003.
Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit, (951) 537-8223.
Rotary Club, Steve Espinosa, (951) 492-1116, Rotary Anns, Vicki Streeter, 659-2167.
Soroptimist International of Idyllwild, Phyllis Currington-Brown, 659-5518.
Teen Group, Spiritual Living Center, Church of Religious Science, 659-3464.

All of these numbers and more can be found in the new 2013 Idyllwild Phone book, already in your mailboxes.