Burglars used a small propane tank to break the glass in the market door. Photo courtesy of Alex Tomazin
In scenarios similar to recent Idyllwild commercial burglaries, burglars broke into Lake Hemet Market in the early morning of Saturday, Dec. 29. Manger Alex Tomazin said they apparently used a small propane tank to break the glass in the market's front door sometime between 6:15 and 6:45 a.m.

Just as in the Fairway Market incident, burglars tried to remove the store ATM but were unsuccessful. Tomazin said burglars took cigarettes and other small change items.

Hemet Station deputies responded and took a report.

Anyone with information regarding this incident should call Hemet Station at (951) 791-3400.


  1. This is getting to be so disconcerting. How is it with all the recent commercial burglaries in the center of town or highways (the residential ones were a little more understandable) that not one single soul has heard or seen anything/anyone? There are even occupied residences bordering some businesses. The guy Ian, that lives above the Rustic Theater keeps late hours. I have noticed when he isn't intoxicatedly yelling at his girlfriend at 3am then he is hidden sitting at the bench in the dark in front of the theater, you only know he's there by the amber tip of his lit cigarette. He's had to have seen a vehicle or heard commotion. This whole mountain echoes and especially at night. -Misty M.

  2. Misty Meanor….I find it very intriguing, that you seem to know the habits of the guy who lives above the Rustic Theatre–Especially at three in the morning. It makes one wonder, if you, yourself, could be out at that hour scoping the area for those who are committing the burglaries. And if that's not the case–Then why exactly, are you roaming N. Circle Drive and appear to be spying on the person residing above the theatre at that ungodly hour?

  3. Misty Meanor…I've suffered bouts of Insomnia from time to time myself. So I can relate. But since you seem to be out and about, walking laps ( as you put it) around town at three in the morning to exert energy–You must pass extremely close to Village Hardware (especially the back way in near N. Circle Drive), can't be very far from Forrest Lumber on lower Pinecrest and whilst in your travels, also, may be a couple of blocks from Fairway as well–I question, as to why, you may not have seen any vehicles out of the ordinary nor heard some commotion echoing in the night during most of your outings as you expect the guy who lives above the Rustic Theatre might–And come to think of it, your walks, would put you at a better advantage.

  4. Misty, how unkind of you to make such a post on a community read paper. I am not sure what your point is as you seem to have more early morning information regarding Idyllwild than most.

    Are you one of those criminals that like to relive the excitement by returning to the scene or making online posts regarding your escapades? I think the Riverside County Sheriff needs to check out your ip address and do a thorough investigation into whether you are a part of the recent burglaries or are just a meddlesome and unkind individual who likes to gossip and make others as unhappy as you must be.