The Pacific Slope Bulldogs and the Blue Bird Inn Jayhawks played a very close and tense game and the Jayhawks took home their first win. Photo by Jenny Kirchner

Town Hall Sports Coordinator Jeremy Teeguarden reported on youth basketball for both the College League (kindergarten through third-grade) and the Pro League (third- through sixth-grade) for the week of Jan. 21.

College League (Kindergarten through third-grade)
The College League (grades K-3) played two days this week.

On Tuesday, the Bluebird Cottage Inn Jayhawks took on the Pacific Slope Tree Co. Bulldogs in the evening’s first game. The game stayed close throughout as the teams traded baskets. Fatima Guzman played fantastic for the Jayhawks scoring her first basket of the year and then adding two more baskets as she led her team with 6 points. The Bulldogs’ Jack Pera’s great pass that led to a score was the play of the game. The Jayhawks played tough defense in the fourth quarter and held on for their first win of the year.

The second game matched the Idyllwild Rotary Bears and the Wooley’s Wildcats, who jumped out to an early big lead. The Bears seemed to have no answers on how to stop them in the first half. Joel White played great for the Wildcats and their halftime lead was nine points. The second half was a completely different story. The Bears came back. Matilda Terry had a big basket and the Bears finally took the lead late in the fourth quarter. The Wildcats had a couple chances but the Bears played tough defense and held on to win 15-14.

Wooley’s Wildcats and the Idyllwild Rotary Bears competed intensely for this rebound on Tuesday night at Idyllwild School. Photo by Jenny Kirchner

On Friday the Gastrognome Broncos played the Idyllwild Rotary Bears in the first game. The Bears Aiden McLean played great defense as the Bears took an early lead. The Broncos’ Kendra Collis was feisty on defense, hounding the Bears’ ball handlers. The Bears continued to pull away in the second half and won 16-6.

The evening’s second game and final one of the week was between the Wooley’s Wildcats and the Pacific Slope Tree Co. Bulldogs. The Wildcats took an early lead as Ryder Dittman’s defense resulted in a couple of nice steals. The Bulldogs didn’t give up and mounted a second half comeback. Nick Fletcher played hard on defense and got open on offense throughout the second half. But the Wildcats scored a couple of key baskets and won 19-14.

Team Wins Losses
Wooley’s Wildcats 6 1
Idyllwild Rotary Bears 5 1
Gastrognome Broncos 2 4
Pacific Slope Bulldogs 2 5
Blue Bird Inn Jayhawks 1 5

Pro League (Third- through sixth-grade)
The Pro Leagues also had two sets of games last week.

On Thursday, Jan. 24, the Fairway Market Lakers took on the Town Crier Cavs in the first game. The Cavs played great defense like they have all year and had an early lead. Aaron Potter anchored the defense and made good passes on offense for the Cavs. The Lakers kept the pressure on as Jimmy Lande played aggressive defense and the Lakers claimed the lead in the second half. The game stayed close but the Cavs couldn’t come up with the key baskets as the Lakers won 14-10.

The evening’s second game was between the Idyllwild Arts Clippers and the Suburban Propane Heat. In a great game, both teams played hard and kept trading baskets. Kilo Reynosa played solid defense and scored a big basket at the end of the first half as the Heat led by one at halftime. The Clippers clamped down on defense as Bowden Tate played tough on the ball and the Clippers opened up a lead. The Heat made a late comeback but the Clippers won an exciting game 23-22.

On Friday, in the first game, the Suburban Propane Heat met the Fairway Market Lakers. The Lakers started off hot in the first quarter behind Jake Carlson’s tough defense. The Heat battled back as Jake Mabery led the team with 14 points. But the Lakers won 27-16.

In the last game of the week, the Town Crier Cavs faced the Idyllwild Arts Clippers. In the first half, the Cavs played great and four players scored, including a team high five points from Aly Fogle. The Clippers stuck with it in the second half and played better defense as they came back to take the lead. Grace McKimson hounded the ball and got a couple steals to help the Clippers win 18-12.

Team Wins Losses Ties
Fairway Market Lakers 6 1 1
Idyllwild Arts Clippers 5 3
Suburban Heat 2 5 1
Town Crier Cavs 2 6