Thank our great Constitution, because only prior litigation, licensing documents, state enforcement records and provable facts are used before grand juries in the United States. Undocumented character assassination and personal attacks upon one’s family have no place in grand juries.

The election of politicians and the administration of politics, on the other hand, are inherently and exclusively social acts. Politicians’ public and private conduct and how they administer their elected affairs are a matter of concern to the electorate.

To make a point here, one beloved businessman may have had an affair with his secretary and then fired her pursuant to public court records within Riverside County.

Yet we continue to put him in charge of [public functions]. I guess its recreation, but not the sort I want my children to model.

Another respected official was disciplined by his professional board for inappropriately touching the breasts of his clients.

These incidents potentially control our impressions of them as to whether they should have the right to hold office. Neither has publicly or privately admitted to this conduct.

The net result was that the electorate was denied this information in making a decision as to whether or not they should hold office. Hindsight has no place as to whether it would make no difference since they did a good job. I want my politicians to reflect my values. They cheated the electorate so to speak in an exclusively social context.

Blair, I on the other hand am a private citizen who chooses not to subject my family to the rigors of elected office, I forgive you for not understanding the difference here.

As for your public solicitation of prayer for my tormented soul, I’ll pass on this one. I for one would never do this out of respect and a healthy fear of God.

The difference between you, the others who hide behind this fabric, and me is that I don’t pretend to live in a civil society when its fabric has a cornerstone of abusive or oppressive conduct.

It reminds me of the severed head hung in the center of town by a beloved and unnamed self-appointed Catholic religious leader and merchants a few years back with the name “JSmith” attached to it just after a highly successful effort to protect precious public mountain resources.

My faith is driven by mission. Yours appears to be driven by a misguided rally cry, friendship and politics, certainly not genuine faith in our community.

Jeff Smith
Pine Cove


  1. Jeff

    The severed head decoration that was put up on the business for Halloween with the J. Smith was put up there because of a donation my mother contributed… Janis Smith. It had nothing to do with you of which I tried to tell you that day you were standing outside of the business screaming “terrorist attack!” I guess you couldn’t hear me over your screaming.

    B. Smith