I appreciate Merry VonSeggern’s honest clarification concerning my water treatment license. I did retire, about two-years ago, and as such decided to not renew my Grade 5 license. As a college professor the state does not require such licenses, however, I maintained it after moving on from a water district to the college. I regret leaving this issue open and not clarified.

My original concern was to assist Idyllwild Water District’s staff (for free) in their training needs. While at Santiago Canyon College for about 15-years, my program classes (consisting of approximately 500-students) included water distribution, potable water treatment, water hydraulics, water resources and wastewater classes plus more.

My wife and I received an offer to purchase our cabin in Idyllwild after merely three-days on the market. We want to come back to Idyllwild, but who knows how the future will be for us.

Dr. James Gates, Hemet