Saturday, June 8 will be a fee-free day at all national forests, in celebration of an annual event to encourage healthy, active outdoor fun. The U.S. Forest Service will not collect use fees that day.

The Forest Service offers fee-free four times a year. The first such fee-free period in 2013 was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. National Get Outdoors Day is the second and the other two days are Sept. 28 for National Public Lands Day and Nov. 9 to 11 for Veterans Day Weekend.

The pilot effort of National Get Outdoors Day was launched June 14, 2008, through a partnership between the Forest Service and the American Recreation Coalition. The partnership built on the success of More Kids in the Woods and other efforts to connect Americans — especially children — with nature and active lifestyles.

It also includes opportunities and programs for children, from Discover the Forest that helps kids learn what to do outside to becoming a Junior Forest Ranger that comes with special access to the online JFR Clubhouse.