Some of the players had a fun time, while others frowned with the game’s results and conclusion during a Town Hall baseball game last week. Photos by Jenny Kirchner

Town Hall Sports Coordinator Danny Richardson reported on Town Hall Youth Baseball for the week of June 3.

Selected game of the week for T-ball
The Padres’ Dominic Esparza hit a fast grounder through the Giants’ defense for a single. Jayden Fogle smashed the first pitch for a walk-off-the-base hit. Emily Brosterhous had a good game fielding the ball. For the Giants, Kevin Perez and Brenda Castro tagged the ball with laser shots at-bat. Zane Booth did an outstanding job fielding the ball.

One of the Braves’ coaches helps the batter with her swing during a T-ball game last week.

Minor League
The Rockies stopped the Twins 7-1. The Rockies scored three in the third inning with Coby Sonnier, Brody Posey and Manny Guzman each crossing home. Four more runners scored in the fifth inning, including Katelyn Sonnier and Aiden McLean. The Twins were in a hitting slump with Ryder Dittman scoring the only run in the fourth inning.

The Rockies also played the Angels. In the first inning, the Rockies scored three. The Angels scored once in both the first and second innings, and three more in the third inning. John Ryan Rodriquez, Alex O’Neal and Emma Righetti all scored. The Rockies quickly scored again behind Katelyn Sonnier’s inside-the-park home run that drove in three runs. The Rockies’ offense was strong that night, winning the game for them 11-6.

Major League
The Braves played the Diamondbacks. The Braves in the first inning exploded with five runs. Crossing the plate twice for the Braves was Tobey Posey and Lilah Whitney. For the Diamondbacks, it was Henry Mendoza, Johnny Fuentes and Preston Pino all crossing home. The Braves won the game 10-3.

The Padres squared off against the Braves. Scorers for the Padres were Michael Strond and Aly Foyle. The Braves’ lead-off hitters started the tempo with an inside-the-park home run. The Braves never looked back with the Braves winning a second game 7-2.

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A Padres player throws from third base to the pitcher fielding the ground ball in a Town Hall league game last week. Photo by Jenny Kirchner