The local Historic Preservation Review board met again last week, approving the Preservation Plan and a proposed permit for altering a designated facility within the district. Both actions were taken unanimously, but the Riverside County Planning Department still must review both documents.

Currently, Idyllwild is the only designated historic district.

The plan, based on Ordinance 578.5, establishes the county’s historic districts, outlines goals and identifies significant historic themes or periods identified within the district.

For example, the board’s goals will be to maintain distinguished original qualities of buildings, structures or facades, retain their distinctive stylistic features, and only encourage alterations that do not compromise the significant historical or architectural design.

The historical periods are from the 1870s through the 1960s and several themes, such as residential development, tourism, fine arts, music and handcrafts overlap in time.

The plan also incorporates the 2009 survey of the district and the design guidelines adopted last month. These are available at the Idyllwild Library.

“Delighted,” was Third District Jeff Stone’s comment about the review board. Stone initiated the idea six years ago at a Town Hall meeting. He and his staff shepherded the idea through the planning and political processes until the board began its sessions several months ago.