Voters of Idyllwild: Look at the timeline of the Idyllwild Fire Protection District financial difficulties and figure out for yourselves when the finances became so murky. When did the audits fall into arrears? When did the health care overpayment start? When did the bailout loans from the county start? The same people who are running for commissioner were in charge then.

The lack of audits started on Steve Kunkle’s watch, as did the determination of the [Riverside County] Grand Jury “that the local fire department had used intimidation against individuals, violated open meeting rules and was underskilled in medical emergencies.”

Rhonda Andrewson was administrative assistant when the 17 months of overpayments to firefighters occurred.

Jeannine Charles-Stigall authorized begging the county for bailout loans since IFPD wouldn’t stay within budget. She has been ineffective in developing and enforcing the policies and protocols that could regenerate this department.

Nancy Layton, the most recent financial advisor, didn’t catch the overpayments to firefighters. She had a flier at Honey Buns and Joe with prominently displayed logos of several organizations, implying that they are endorsing her.

Many of us have volunteered countless hours with our nonprofits but don’t abuse this relationship by assuming they would endorse us for public office. Isn’t it deceiving to the voters to use these logos? Doesn’t Elections Code Section 18304 (a)(b)(c) call this a punishable misdemeanor? I’m sorry she was so rude to the person who pointed out the problems with this ad, but glad she removed it before she got into trouble.

Layton should have read the Election Codes. If she didn’t know about the overpayments and is ignorant of the Election Code, what kind of a commissioner would she be?

Who else can run? Any registered voter in the disstrict is eligible. Write-in candidates can file between July 1 and Aug. 13. They must file a Statement of Economic Interest and a Campaign Disclosure Statement. Call Registrar of Voters Julie Caban at 951-486-7201 or 800-773-8683 for free filing.

IFPD needs honest people with the best interests of Idyllwild as their goal. Don’t let the foxes run the hen house.

IFPD needs to get its finances in order. The current candidates have proved themselves incapable of this over and over. Men and women of honor who will not get caught up in politics need to step up and run for these offices as write in candidates.

Nancy Borchers
Pine Cove