It has been several years since the county of Riverside took over Town Hall. It is not being managed with much efficiency.

The first problem is the staff turnover. So many people have come and gone and I understand one of the biggest problems is the payment of wages. I have heard that the county still does not pay in a timely manner.

The front door has been broken for months. What does it take to fix a door? It can’t take more than a few hundred dollars and a few hours.

The Harvest Festival is next month. It would be nice to have the front door working.

They closed Town Hall for four days to fix the floor. In four days you would think they could have installed a new floor.That was not the case. They just repaired the cracks. They did not do a good job, because someone tripped on the crack. Again, what does it take to replace the floor?

The place is not very clean, especially the bathrooms.

It’s a sad commentary on what happens when we give up local control.

Susan Swanson