My love affair with the San Jacinto Mountains began when I was 9 years old and attending Girl Scout Camp at Azalea Trails.

I spent 14 consecutive summers there ending the summer of my last year in college as a unit leader for a group of backpackers you remembered in your recent edition “Past tense,” 45 years ago – 1968.

In 1968, a thoughtful Town Crier staffer was generous enough to send me a copy of the paper containing the orginial report of the incident: Vol. 33, No. 36 dated July 19, 1968. I have saved and treasured that copy ever since.

It is no way surprising that the Town Crier became my lifeline for information while I rode out the evacuation in San Diego at my daughter’s.

It speaks volumes that it also provided a wonderful learning experience for my grandchildren. To say that I am indebted to you goes back a long, long way.

So, God bless those super-hero firefighters who saved our lives, homes and community. But, let us not forget those who stayed and kept us so well informed. You, too, are super-heroes.

With a lifetime of gratitude.

Kathleen Masey