In a special meeting, Friday, Sept. 20, the Idyllwild Fire Protection District commission approved the sale of a lease for the cell tower in the rear of the District’s property.

SBA Monarch Towers acquired the lease for $220,000. Currently, the district was receiving annual rental payments of about $14,000 for the tower.

“But with the risk of changing technology and industry, we felt a one-time payment had less risk,” Fire Chief Patrick Reitz said. He knew of two districts, whose tenants forfeited lease payments and went out of business. “I definitely think this is worthwhile,” he concluded.

The unanimous vote was 3-0, with Commissioner Larry Donahoo absent and a vacancy resulting from former Commissioner Pete Capparelli’s resignation the week before.

The escrow closed Tuesday, Sept. 24, which is the reason the commission held a special meeting Friday rather than waiting until its next regularly scheduled meeting, Tuesday evening, Sept. 24.