New Year’s Day was a great opportunity to invite our wider family up the Hill to visit our cabin and enjoy the scenery, knick-knack stores and beautiful weather. None of these things were a disappointment.

The atmosphere in the town was generally happy and a great day full of good memories was anticipated. Indeed, there was much that was “sweet” about the day.

However, a series of customer-service type issues put a damper on our day. I mention it only because the same thing has happened a couple of times in the past and other groups of friends and family members have gone down the Hill with similar opinions as to what we heard from our family a couple of weeks ago.

The “sour” taste was due to the very poor service and even a couldn’t-care-less demeanor we were met with as we sought food, candy and coffee (especially the coffee.)

I am not sure if there is a sense in which the staff we dealt with were over stretched or if there was a poor view of the “flatlanders” who invaded their town, but what was clear was that while our money was welcomed, our group may as well have been chopped liver.

No, we are not a bunch of sensitive souls and the only reason I bother to mention it is that on a few occasions now, when we get to share Idyllwild with others, they leave saying that the place is sweet but too many of the people are sour.

We estimate that our group spent more than $400 in the town that day. Just saying.

Rob Allan