Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats and dogs greeted new dog Cal.


Little Girl: Fellow felines! Gather ’round.

Sadie:  We are all here. What’s up?


Little Girl: I have news, and it’s all dog news.

Heavenly Whiskers: More dogs? Dog adoptions?

Little Girl: Janey is on a trial adoption. The family wants to see how she will get along with their other dog.

Mr. Gray: That’s always a good thing, you know, testing out the arrangement.


Little Girl: And we have two new dogs, Teddy and Murphy.

Cal: Oh boy! More dogs! Tell me about them, please.

Little Girl: Teddy is an awesome Lab, about 12 months old. He is house-trained, great with horses and other dogs, and absolutely human-friendly.  He was walked in town last Sunday and was so happy to meet all the dogs and people. Oh, and he was great with children.

Cal:  What about Murphy?


Mr. Gray: I heard Murphy, a girl about a year old, is super sweet. She is a Lab/pit-mix who is house-trained and very, very loving. She is good with dogs and wants to be petted and given lots of attention.

Cal:  They sound great!

Indigo: I hope lots of people come to ARF this weekend to meet them.

Cal: And me, too! Any human who wants a medium-sized dog has three choices.

Little Girl: And they are all good choices, at that.

Indigo: Great ARF dogs, great ARF cats.

Little Girl: And any of us adopted before the end of the month can be entered into ARF’s Pets of the Year contest.  Actually, any full- or part-time local pet can enter, for free!

Indigo: And their humans can win valuable prizes.

Cal: I hope these humans get in here to adopt us this week.

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