We are nearly tucked into the new offices in the old Ponderosa building on the corner of Cedar Street and North Circle Drive.

Many people have stopped by with their old dogs who apparently remember when the building offered pet grooming and boarding. The dogs seem to enjoy being here and so do we. It’s a great space for us with a wonderful feel to it.

In old Town Crier records, Jan Fast opened the Ponderosa in March 1978. The structure was built just for that purpose. However, to us it seems that it was built just for a newspaper/magazine office and visitors center.

I have worked in all five Town Crier offices (excluding the Maxwell’s attic) and this space fits us to a tee.

After moving a year ago, Jack and I were not up to considering schlepping all this stuff and reconfiguring space again but Jerry Holldber — a friend of our new landlord — persisted in selling us on how much better the space would be. We couldn’t envision it at the time. We viewed the interior as awkward space — odd-shaped rooms with no continuity.

But one day, after Jerry was his most persistent, Jack drew a layout sketch on a Post-it Note and we began dreaming and planning another move.

Just for the record, for those who don’t know, the first office was at Fern Valley Corners at the two stone buildings, the second was at the Idyllwild Health Center, the third was at Shiloh Christian Ministries, the fourth was in the Oakwood Village and now we’re home. Stop by and take a tour.

Becky Clark, Editor