You know those websites offering free samples with just a click and then, after you click once, you find endless requirements to click through offers until you get to the offer you sought in the beginning — or you’ve completely forgotten the dang offer?

They are appropriately called websites because I got caught like a fly in one of those “webs” recently trying to get free cat-food samples mailed and finally gave up. So I was surprised when I opened my P.O. box last week and found the samples.

Monday night, I tested a sample on my three hungry cats. I mixed the packet with 1/4 cup of warm water, per directions, set the bowl on the floor and watched two of them rush up to the bowl, sniff and then back away. I tried it on the third cat with the same result.

So I put the bowl outside to see if anything wild would eat it. Tuesday morning, the food was still on the porch, impressed with a small footprint. Even the wild things wouldn’t eat it.

Why do some people believe their pets should eat like them? This product not only claims, “made out of love,” but also 100-percent “human-grade” and “cage-free turkey, vegetables and fruits.” The ingredients include pumpkin, potatoes, parsley, dandelion greens and cranberries.

I have seen cats eat grass to help with hairballs and get drunk on catnip herbs but I’ve never seen a cat reach up on its hind legs and pick berries. Maybe your cats do, but my cats don’t seem to need vegetables and fruit in order to be healthy and happy.

Becky Clark, Editor