The Idyllwild Fire Protection District Commission met Tuesday afternoon, June 24 in a special session, after acknowledging receipt of the most recent Grand Jury report, the second in a year. The closed session was to consider the possible discipline, dismissal or release of an employee or employees. The individual or individuals were not identified.

This report investigated three topics — the behavior of the administrative captain, Mark LaMont, nonfeasance of the fire chief, Patrick Reitz, and a recent Brown Act violation.

When asked if any commissioners were aware of the incidents reported in the Grand Jury findings, Commission President Jerry Buchanan refused to answer until he and his colleagues could officially acknowledge receipt of the document. After they did, they ignored the question.

When asked if they were aware of any other investigations, Buchanan did reply, “No, none.”

He also said that whatever action is taken regarding the closed session, it would be fair and equitable for all employees, including Capt. James Reyes, who has been on administrative leave since January.

After commissioners had been in closed session for 90 minutes, Chief Patrick Reitz reported, “The Commission came back to open session and had no reportable actions and adjourned the meeting.”