On Monday, July 9, Riverside County Superior Court Judge Randall D. White heard two witnesses in the case against Pam Allen, 66, of Idyllwild. California Highway Patrol Officer Michael Bell testified for the prosecution, and the defense witness was Herbert Summers, Ph.D., a forensic engineer.

After the testimony and arguments from both the prosecution and Defense Attorney Donald Bartell, White ruled there was sufficient cause to proceed to trial. He set an information arraignment for Allen on July 23.

In April 2017, Allen was charged with three felonies for the March 31 collision with Julia Romero, 18, also of Idyllwild, on Highway 243. Two of the charges were for driving under the influence and causing great bodily injury. The third charge was hit and run.


  1. Pam, with 3 felonies, you might make 1 go away, but you got drunk, drove on our roads intoxicated, seriously injured a person, and ran. It’s not just between the two of you. The hill was placed in harm’s way. But as a matter of process there’s a conviction and jail time here. The impact to your family must also be outrageous. The responsible act here is to plead guilty, serve your sentence, and become an advocate against drunk driving. That’s how you rejoin this town and get on with life, not pleading innocence.

    The second you plead not guilty becomes the moment you ruin your future with this town.

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