Revenue for fiscal 2014-15 is looking much more favorable for the Idyllwild Fire Protection District. At the July 21 Finance Committee meeting, Chair and Commissioner Nancy Layton announced that the July estimates have increased $156,000 since the original May estimate was released.

IFPD’s revenue estimate for this fiscal year is now $2.32 million, up from $2.16 million, a 7.25-percent increase. Layton said that Capt. Mark LaMont received new projections from the county.

According to Riverside County’s Assessor’s Office, the assessed value of property in Idyllwild has increased 4 percent in 2014, to $740.9 million from $713 million.

In addition, the Finance Committee added $72,000 to the revenue projection for the collection of two state revenue streams —in-lieu taxes and homeowners’ property tax relief. These amounts were received in 2013-14 and prior years, so the committee felt they should be included in the 2014-15 estimate.

Overall, the revenue forecast is nearly $230,000 more than the May estimate.

The committee will suggest some changes to the expenditures for the current year, but the total will be available at its next meeting on Aug. 4. Examples of these changes include budgeting $1,000 for fire prevention and community education, and $3,600 for the cost of renting the site for its repeater tower.

The committee also devoted significant effort to modifying the budget structure to ensure it meets commission and management needs, for example, establishing an account for travel, transportation and training. Within this account would be subaccounts for the commissioners, staff and others.