Though several people in Idyllwild have generously attempted to explain to me the areas of great consternation that surround the Idyllwild Fire Protection District, Riverside County and the grand jury, I yet fail to understand the problem. Just can’t get my mind around it. Could be my age, my unwillingness to focus or my general impatience with almost everything.

But I have to comment, nonetheless. Of course. It’s what I do.

Living in Idyllwild, I feel safe. I am protected by firefighters and emergency technicians who, thus far, have not failed me.

Obviously, we are living on the edge of great peril. But for this moment, I am OK and can only feel gratitude for IFPD. For their protection. For their steadfastness and willingness to live in danger for my sake.

Simplistic, perhaps. Genuine, of course.

Bobbie Glasheen