Editor’s Note: Since Jack has somewhat of a reputation for “sartorial splendor” (as some of you may have, ahem, noticed), we asked him to do a column imparting his personal views on fashion for the benefit of our readers with fashion questions.


Q. I have a favorite shirt. My wife nags me because it’s a bit tattered. How long should a man be allowed to wear his favorite shirt?  -Leonard, Sun City

A. There’s nothing as comfortable as a favorite shirt. You shouldn’t stop wearing it just because it has tatters. I have favorites that I’ve worn for years beyond that stage. Of course, you have to be a bit careful while putting them on. If you get your head caught in a collar that’s half off, you might just rip off the whole thing.  


Q. What should I wear for a day of drinking stout?  -Alvin, San Marcos

A. Black shirt and pants might be a good idea.


Q. What clothes should I pack for an overnight stay?  -Alice, Banning

A. I never pack for an overnight stay. I just wear two of everything.



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