I have been an Idyllwild Mountain Quilter since 1998 and we do quilt but we are more than that — our focus is trying to help our community.  Our only income is from our yearly quilt show, our dues ($30 per year) and selling tickets for one of our beautiful quilts.

We do have expenses, like paying for the buildings we use. We welcome anyone who is interested in quilting.

All our positions are volunteer and we do not discriminate.

Barbara Burgess


  1. In the early 1990s, the technology industry was about 95% men. A woman interviewed and stated the reason for leaving her previous job was that she was fired and she was discriminated against because she was a woman in a mostly men company, as because she was gay, and she stated that she was fired because she was gay. My company hired her because her resume looked good and the gender/orientation was not an issue. A few months later, the HR department was catching up on the background checks, discovered that she was fired from her previous job because she often came to work drunk, had incurred a few DUIs which resulted in missed work days without notice.
    When confronted about the alcoholic behavior, that person threatened to sue for sexual harassment and gender discrimination. So to avoid a lawsuit and damage to the company reputation, she was given a generous severance to go away.