Idyllwild is an idyllic setting, surrounded by pine trees, looming mountain vistas and people who hold doors open for each other. Yet, it is prey to the divisiveness felt in this country. 

Differences in opinion can be a catalyst for sparking thoughtful discussion. It generates new insight and understanding. However, if the disagreement is based on emotions, it evokes anger and conflict. 

Our current president appeals to the deep instincts of people. His behavior evokes adoration or contempt.

“Divide and conquer” is Putin’s master plan for world dominance and he hit the jackpot with the 2016 Presidential Election. In a democracy, citizens are separated by different political beliefs on how to achieve the good life. 

Trump has changed the dynamics by creating an “us against them” approach to political governance. His supporters represent “the good guys” and everyone else is “a bad guy.” 

At the same time, he claims to be a victim of those who question his authority. He has distracted and divided us. We need to discuss the policies he’s implemented and the procedures he’s ignored that produce the discord threatening our democracy.

Trump’s presidency has resulted in online and in-person confrontations between Idyllwild supporters and resisters. I am a “Trumpologist,” who watches his press conferences, reads excerpts from his rallies and even listened to the entire Mueller Report. 

I hear the awful things he says about people and read the constant barrage of falsehoods and accusations he makes. His brutish ways deeply disturb me. I find it difficult to forgive those who ignore all the damage he has done. 

I would be willing to listen and debate anyone who bases support for Trump on verifiable facts rather than the words that come out of his mouth. It would be helpful to hear how his leadership has made life better for all of us.

Mary Rider,

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