On the Hill, there are already several community gardens. In small portions of Idyllwild, residents having banded together with common purpose to grow “organic” food for the benefit of those who plant and nurture these gardens.

A “government” garden, paid for by community tax money, must make itself available to the wishes of the informed community. An effort to inform the community is ongoing.

Keep your eyes peeled and locate one of the already going organic group gardens. Start learning, contribute your energy to healthy, wholesome produce, not prepoisoned, technologically inferior, quick spoiling produce.

Issues such as genetically modified seeds from Monsanto (monsatan), pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not wanted nor needed in the gardens already tended and growing.

The serious gardeners all have raised seedlings indoors that they are now planting outside to begin the season, all without any deleterious chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. Only healthy chicken, horse, llama poop, etc.

I speak for all organic gardeners, we want nothing to do with gene modified seeds or plants, chemicals, pesticides, etc., that the government garden might consider using. We want any such chemical compound far away from our organic garden efforts.

It might take a meeting or two at Town Hall to get our priorities straight.

Organic gardening gives rise to strong healthy insect resistant produce. Chemically fortified gardens are dependent on input of seeds modified with “round up” herbicide inside them. If a person knows what companies like Cargill and Monsanto are doing, they will choose not to eat this type of prepoisoned food.

I think the plans for the government garden include 11 separate “plots” within the same compound. If each grower is independent, with some using genetically modified seeds, some using chemicals and some not, it will turn into a kind of well-meaning bureaucratic mess.

Benign bees do not distinguish between genetically modified and normal pollan. So proximity to non-organic gardens can pollute our organic gardens.

Wishing more information, call me, I am in the phone book.

T.S. Bennett
Mountain Center