Dr Know It All can answer any question. He just happens to know everything. Dr Know It All selects a few questions each month. Readers may send the Doctor a question at the Town Crier ([email protected]). 

Dear Dr Know It All:

I get terribly upset when I‘m stuck behind a slower driver who ignores every turn-out on the drive up the Hill. Why don’t they read the signs, or see the line of cars, or pay attention to my flashing head lights or my horn? What else can I do about it?

— Claudine

This always gets results: Make it a routine for you to deliberately take every single turn-out that appears. If you’re behind a slow poke, pull into the next turn-out. If you’re well ahead of following traffic, take that turn-out anyway. Even if you’re alone on the road, go ahead and use every turn-out on your way up the Hill.

This will make your trip home considerably slower but your previous annoyance and stress will disappear. Other drivers will bless you and you might even teach them a lesson. But I doubt it.

(OK, I think there’s a line of questions backing up, so move the h--- over.)


Dear Dr Know It All:

My boyfriend smokes and I just hate it. He says he’s tried quitting but it hasn’t worked. What do you suggest?

— Trixie

Some people have claimed that they just don’t inhale. I don’t buy that. But if your boyfriend would simply not exhale at all, repeatedly, he would stop smoking in no time. Choose a non-smoker for your next boyfriend.