Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats discussed all of the new puppies and their mama.
Holly: Well, that was quite a weekend!
Willow: There were so many humans who made appointments to meet Molly and her puppies.
Holly: And I heard that all puppies were spoken for and Molly probably has a home as well.
Pepper: What do you mean by “probably?”
Holly: First off, Molly will have to wait for the puppies to go to their homes on the 31st, then she will be spayed. After that, she will meet her possible sibling, and if all goes well, she will have a home!
Willow: So, it is good news all around.
Pepper: Humans still have the opportunity to meet us adult cats, of course.
Willow: Regardless, we will celebrate the holidays here at ARF, together.
Holly: There are no other cats I’d rather celebrate with!
Willow: Humans who cannot adopt us may still help by making crucial donations to ARF.
Pepper: What are the best ways and why donate to ARF?
Holly: Caring humans may grab a needed item or two and leave it in the collection box when they are grocery shopping.
Lulu: And they may always drop their change into collection jars all over town.
Holly: They may also mail in money donations.
Pepper: Or donate via ARF’s website.
Lulu: But why is it so important this year as opposed to other years?
Pepper: With washed-out highways in 2019 and the pandemic this year, ARF just hasn’t been able to have its big fundraiser. The humans are pinching pennies to care for us these days.
Whiskers: And we certainly want the humans to continue caring for us as well as helping community members who need help caring for their dogs and cats.
Lulu: And that is why ARF is here!
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