Editor’s note: This letter was written Aug. 10 and mailed to Supervisor Chuck Washington’s office.


On Tuesday, Aug. 1, at the National Night event in Idyllwild, sponsored by the Riverside County Sheriff, our MCP members attended, and a committee of members met and spoke with Mr. Marr Christian, supervisor of Riverside County Code Enforcement. We expressed our concerns about marijuana shops doing business in unincorporated Idyllwild, specifically areas regarding safety and possible increases in crime.

Under current California law, medical-marijuana clinics are illegal in unincorporated areas.  Under  Riverside County Ordinance 348.4435, effective June 2015, “A Medical marijuana dispensary is prohibited in all zone classifications and no permit of any type shall be issued therefore.”

We understand that two shops selling marijuana were closed on Tuesday, Aug. 8.  However, the Country Club Smoke Shop removed your citation notices and re-opened for business.

We request your help in addressing the concerns of our community regarding marijuana sales in unincorporated Idyllwild, and appreciate your consideration.


Marlene Pierce, MCP member

Pine Cove