Wednesday, March 18, the Town Crier reported that, after a Tuesday meeting with National Weather Service officials here in Idyllwild, the Town Crier had agreed to purchase automatically reporting Davis Pro weather station equipment to become the official Idyllwild NOAA/NWS COOP station in place of Idyllwild Fire.

On Friday, March 20, Noel Isla, COOP program manager at NWS San Diego, announced a new agreement with IFPD, informing the Town Crier that it didn't need to purchase the Davis Pro automatically reporting weather station after all.

"I just spoke to Mark Lamont of the Idyllwild Fire District and they are going to upgrade to the Davis Pro and will continue to be the official NOAA/NWS COOP for Idyllwild," wrote Isla in an email to the Town Crier.

"Glad to hear you have a renewed agreement with Capt. Mark LaMont," Jack Clark, general counsel to the Town Crier, wrote back. "We hope this will work out well for NWS and all concerned. It's a welcome load off of us, for sure."

However, with rain- and snow-measuring equipment provided by Isla, the Town Crier will report Idyllwild moisture and snow for NWS San Diego as part of CoCoRaHS, the Community Colaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network.