Mary Norris of Idyllwild School registers one of many golfers who participated in a fundraiser fifth-grader teacher Michelle Adler and husband James Wiesen organized to support fifth-grader James Bachmann, who has brain cancer. Prizes included a two-night stay at the Idyllwild Inn, dinner at the Gastrognome and more. The tournament was held at the Golden Era Golf Course in San Jacinto Saturday morning. Photo by Gallagher Goodland

The family of James Bachmann, 12, expressed gratitude to all who contributed to and participated in the Saturday, May 16, benefit golf tournament. Organized by James Wiesen and his wife, Michelle Adler, Idyllwild School teacher, the tournament, held at the Golden Era Golf Course in San Jacinto, attracted more than 50 golfers and raised more than $4,000 for the family.

James, a fifth grade student in Adler’s class, is battling brain cancer with extraordinary grace and strength. He is a budding ventriloquist and dreams of increasing his collection of figures and improving his already considerable craft and talent.

Wiesen said the Idyllwild School faculty and staff were key supporters of the tournament, with 16 golfers from the school participating as well as other staff providing tournament logistical assistance.

“The parents [Thomas and Kristen Bachmann] are so thankful to the community,” said Wiesen.