Monday morning, Jack greeted me with “Happy Anniversary.” I paused, suddenly feeling guilty for not remembering our anniversary. (I’m the one who forgets in the marriage.)

I suddenly realized September was months away and looked at him puzzled. “For what?” I asked.

Sunday, June 28, marks two years since we bought the TC. In those two years, the office moved twice (hopefully, for good). In those two years, we turned a failing business around.

We opened a Visitors Center seven days a week, gained the late Chamber of Commerce’s phone number and launched Palms to Pines Magazine (distributed all over Southern California) and the Explore Idyllwild Directory — all of the above intending to support the business community with more tourism.

We believed it was natural for us to take the lead in boosting tourism since we publish so many products for tourists and have a strong online presence.

None of this came easy. The Mountain Fire ignited three weeks into our ownership and move, our daughter and operations manager took four months for maternity leave, and other bumps in the road occurred, too numerous to mention.

We finally feel settled into our newest home with a business plan in place and working, as well as a fine crew of staffers: Dolores up front, and Jay and Lisa in advertising sales with Halie, our daughter and graphic designer, stationed with them in the other side of the building.

In the center of the building is the news core: J.P., Marshall, me, Teresa and Jack, wearing many, many hats — literally.

Jack and I want to thank all of our readers and advertisers for your support. We are so very grateful for you.

Becky Clark, Editor