It’s a dog-eat-dog world I came from; Chicago and L.A. Heck, it’s dog-eat-dog in my family, too. Some could say it’s a “ruff” world.

We are fortunate to have Mayor Max. He is more aware of the nature of humanistic values than any human could try to emulate; no judgment, pure unconditional love, trust etc.

We seem to be above all the political dogma of the media and political state of America. By having a dog for a mayor, we have more humanism in our lives and on our streets. The parking lot in between the post office and the grocery stores are more peaceful now that the mayor has bequeathed us his presence.

America is seen as an embarrassment to the human race. With the killing of the lion in Zimbabwe, America looks guilty as charged. We in Idyllwild are clear of being anything like the selfish prize-seeking hunter from Minnesota. But we all need to be aware of being as strong as our weakest link. We need to be continue transcending above the left brain world of egos and selfish myopic living.

We all built the local playground by hand, together as one community. The sensation of being of service is proven to be very healthy for the body. We all feel anti-aging and anti-stress hormones while in our heart and being of service.

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. Dogs are always seeking ways to please us. They are well looked over by our creator. Matter of fact, dog spelled backwards is God.

The big ears and noses are all the better for learning how to be of better service to human kind. We learn more from opening up our senses to the world around us. The rewards are eternal.

The message of happy community helps transcend us from our country’s issues of racial tensions, political and financial distrust (for good reason) and poor moral character. We watch each others’ backs up here. That alone will provide us safety from a theater massacre.

I trust our community would smell and flush out any such transgressions before they manifest into something murderous.

You know that his family disowned the latest theater murderer, copying the Aurora theater murders. There will be more copy-cat murders in our nation’s future until we start teaching people about the character of a community built on good values, like watching each others’ backs.

Dorian Mark Wenner