The Art Alliance of Idyllwild has established three sites to enable locals to commemorate the horrific events that occurred in Paris last week.

Tri-color boards will be set up at the Idyllwild Post Office, Town Monument and Town Baker where the community and visitors may express their feelings, sorrows and hopes for a better future.

The idea originated with AAI director Peter Szabadi, who wished to offer the whole community a way to respond to these events in a concrete and demonstrative manner.

“We have all been shocked by the recent senseless massacre in Paris. I think all of us cannot understand the barbarity, which would justify the deaths of so many innocent lives,” Szabadi said. “These awful moments are sometimes easily forgotten by the next news events and tragedies.”

People may write comments, draw, paint or leave remembrances at the boards, which will be available for five days. The boards will be displayed at a future AAI event, Szabadi added.