On Jan. 28, the Town Crier reported on a gathering at the town monument to mark the death by legalized abortion of 58 million babies.  For some reason, this number was hidden by the use of the phrase “The white crosses were a symbol of the many abortions since 1973.”

This untruthful but accurate phrase suggests an attempt by our culture to hide this shameful chapter in the life of our nation.

Our culture’s attempt to hide the enormous consequences of abortion is a good sign.  Perhaps it is a sign that we are not comfortable with such tragic loss of life.

Even though it is legal, maybe we don’t want to think about the consequences of our individual actions.  If their lives don’t matter, do any of our lives matter?

Just think, if they were alive, our nation wouldn’t have the looming financial insolvency of Social Security, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act.

How many Einsteins, Picassos and Mother Teresas did we lose?

John Cook