I must admit that I was furious when Gov. Brown signed AB1371 requiring motorists to allow a minimum of 3-feet clearance when passing a bicyclist. That fury was diminished substantially when I read that the intent of the bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman Steven Bradford (D-Gardena), was to provide adequate safety for bicycling children on their way to and from school.

How could anyone be angry about such a noble cause? I felt ashamed.

Now, let’s consider how this amendment to California’s Vehicle Code translates to our local community.

First, I have not seen any children in Idyllwild riding to school on bicycles. There may be some, but I doubt there are many.

Second, the bicyclists in Idyllwild are what’s called the “Spandex Bunch” because of their familiar attire.

Unfortunately, the one’s I’ve encountered from this group seem to be a narcissistic bunch, who don’t have much concern for motorists on our single-lane highway running through town. Their driving/cycling habits hold up traffic — much of it local delivery and contracting employees on their way to and from work — while they move slower than the speed limit on our single-lane roads.

This privileged few cause many drivers to blatantly disregard traffic laws by crossing the double-yellow lines in order to maintain the required 3-foot passing requirement.

Here’s my address to those local bicyclists whom I’ve just described: Please keep in mind that along with your “right” to use the highway system for your cycling adventure, you might want to keep in mind the “privilege” you have in doing the same.

Contrary to you, I, as a motorist, am paying for the upkeep of that same highway through several levied taxes, both on my vehicles and their fuel. I would also ask that you keep in mind that should your narcissistic attitude continue, I will be one of the first to sign a petition requiring that your cycle be licensed and taxed for use on “our” highway.

Jim Krug

Pine Cove