I appreciate your article about the trash left by the people visiting Idyllwild to play in the snow. I agree with Chris Trout that we should lead by example and do our best to show others how to respect our mountain community.

However, I wonder if some consideration should be given to having law enforcement officers restrict the numbers of cars that come to our small, mountain community on a weekend. I had to drive off the Hill on the first Sunday after the snow. The line of cars waiting to come into Idyllwild and, hopefully, find parking extended nearly all the way to Hemet.

We welcome our weekend visitors but these numbers are far too many for our community to handle. For example, there is not enough parking, not enough trash cans, not enough public toilets and not enough other conveniences to handle these crowds.

It also is a bit frightening to read that some snow visitors tore metal signs off their posts to use for sleds. One wonders how law-abiding our weekenders are when they do such things to our community.

All are welcome to the mountains, snow or otherwise, but common sense must prevail.

Janet Goldberg