The Trojans (in red) and Wildcats (in green) play at Idyllwild School Tuesday evening. Photo by Jenny Kirchner
The Trojans (in red) and Wildcats (in green) play at Idyllwild School Tuesday evening.
Photo by Jenny Kirchner


Town Hall Youth Basketball Coordinator Bob Lewis gave this report for recent games.

Division 1 (ages 6-9)

Playoffs started Tuesday, Feb. 2. The Wildcats faced-off against the Trojans. Travis Rocha had a good game for the Trojans with 7 points. Lilyan Easley kept the Wildcats close scoring 3 points and grabbing many rebounds for the Wildcats, but it wasn’t enough as the Trojans beat the Wildcats 21-13.

The second game had the Black Wolf Pack squaring off against the Bruins. Griffin Kretsinger scored 4 points, but Manny Guzman countered with 8 points as the Black Wolf Pack moved onto the championship beating the Bruins 22-12.

The consolation game Friday, Feb. 5, paired the Wilcats against the Bruins. The Bruins got a good game out of Mei Li Stroud with 4 points and good defense. However, Bailey Easley was dominate for the Wildcats with 15 points as the Wildcats beat the Bruins 21-19.

In the Championship game that evening, the Trojans hosted the Black Wolf Pack. Jessa Smith scored 4 points on her birthday for the Trojans. The Wolf Pack was too much as Ethan Sheppard scored a game-high of 8 points and beat the Trojans 16-8 to win the Division 1 Championship.

Division 2 (ages 10-13)

The last game of the season, Monday, Feb. 1, put the Purple Pirates against the Pumpkin Heads. Reece Whitney scored 6 points for the Pumpkin Heads, but the Purple Heads got 4 points and good defense from Colby Sonnier as the Purple Pirates ended their season on the winning note beating the Pumpkin Heads 30-12.

The playoffs started Thursday, Feb. 4, with the Timberwolves facing off against the Pumpkin Heads. Madison Collis played well for the Timberwolves with 6 points and grabbed many rebounds. The Pumpkin Heads’ Jacob Parsons had a good game for the Pumpkin Heads  as they advanced to the Championship game beating the Timberwolves 34-18.

Friday, Feb. 5, the Purple Pirates played the Pumpkin Heads in the Championship game. The Pumpkin Heads kept the game close in the first half thanks to a good game from William Cloake with 15 first-half points, but Cody Fogle had 14 points and Zach Gray added 24 points as the Purple Pirates won the Championship in Division 2, beating the Pumpkin Heads 50-29.

I appreciate Jessica and Brennen Priefer, and Rachel Teeguarden for their dedication and time, and for always being there at every game with a smile on their faces and volunteering to help out. I couldn’t have done it without you. I also appreicate all the parents, coaches and players who made it a very successful Youth Basketball season.


Town Hall Adult Coed Volleyball Coordinator Ginger Dagnall gave this report for recent games.

Monday, Feb. 1,  Silver Pines challenged La Casita. Oh my, what a match. They went head-to-head every game, only La Casita couldn’t seal the deal in the fifth match. Silver Pines took it by 3 points.

Tuesday, Feb. 2, Idyllwild Inn beat Soil Supply in a close, four-game match. Idyllwild Inn has played as a close team for a few years and it shows. Soil Supply has a great mix of players. Veterans like Jeanelle Meskimen-Bomis and Joleen Solorio keep this team competitive, while Josh Floquet and Ben Campbell can really put the ball away.

On Wednesday, Feb. 3, Idyllwild Garage beat Soil Supply Co. in a long, five-game match. Both teams were swinging hard and putting up blocks.

On Feb 4, Idyllwild Inn beat Idyllwild Vacation Rental in three games. IVR is a new team managed by TJ Titus. Making things happen with a new team takes alot of work. Hopefully, they continue to build for next year.

Two more weeks before championship on Saturday Feb. 27.



Names Wins Losses

Idyllwild Inn 10 1

Silver Pines 10 2

Idyllwild Garage 9 3

La Casita 3 8

Soil Supply Co. 3 8

Idyllwild Vacation Rentals 0 13