Mike Holato of Town Hall gave this report on Youth Baseball:

(Note: Players of the game (POG) for both teams receive a game ball after each game.)


The Muirs Moutain Dodgers and the Earth ’N Fire Giants played two games this week.

Both games were close and exciting as all the boys and girls are improving their baseball skills. POG for the Dodgers this week were Danielle Rodriquez and Joelle Taylor in the first game.

In the second game, POG were Wyatt Luke and Talon Duckett. 

The Giants’ POG in the first game were Augie Titus and his brother Levi Titus. Bon

Idyllwild School students Brody Posey (left) and Cole Kenyon play Bronco baseball division at Valley Wide in Hemet. Both boys are coached by their fathers Jody Posey and David Kenyon. The boys are practicing for their final playoffs. Photo by Holly Kenyon

Donavan and Manasjah Zimmerman captured the honors in the second game.


Idyllwild Shell Blue Jays, behind POG Aiden Pritchett and Nicholas Sanchez, defeated the Idyllwild Automotive A’s 16-5. The two POG for the A’s were Cainan Cooper and Noah McCaughey.

In a thriller, the Mountain Mechanical Red Sox edged the American Legion Braves 10-9. Players of the game were Roger Gonzalez and Ben Taylor for the Red Sox, and Arron Inquez and Etan Castro for the Braves.

Saturday, the American Legion Braves scored 15 runs in the last inning to defeat the Idyllwild Shell Blue Jays 21-16 in a slug-fest. Braves’ POG were Eli Bloom and Makai Githaiga. Blue Jays’ POG were Will Archer and Jack Taylor. 

In a game of great defense by both teams, the Mountain Mechanical Red Sox defeated the Idyllwild Automotive A’s 6-2 in a rare, low-scoring game. POG for Red Sox were Hailey Olivier and Oliver Agee. POG for the A’s were Ruby Adams and Brynnley Meyer. 

Standings Wins Losses Ties

Mountain Mechanical Red Sox 5 0 0

American Legion Braves 3 2 0

Idyllwild Shell Blue Jays 2 3 0

Idyllwild Automotive A’s 0 5 0


In a brief majors schedule this week, POG Gavin Vandermoon led the Town Real Estate Blue Jays to a 7-2 win over POG Mason Sanchez and the Pino Tree Service Red Sox.

The Golden Nugget Giants came from behind to defeat the Ridgeline Roofing Dodgers 3-2. POG were Mathen Brown of the Giants and Kannon Lozano of the Dodgers.

Standings Wins Losses Ties

Golden Nugget Giants 4 1 0

Town Real Estate Blue Jays 3 2 0

Pino Tree Service Red Sox 2 3 0

Ridgeline Roofing Dodgers 1 4 0


On Thursday, May 10, the Idyllwild Middle School Track Team participated in a middle school track meet at San Jacinto High School.

These results were furnished by Idyllwild School Physical Education teacher Darren McKay.

Katelyn Sonnier won the long jump and was third in the high jump.

Vicky Lovett had the second-longest throw in the shot-put event.

Breanna Sheppard finished third in the 800-meter race.

And Ryan Foglesong placed fifth in the shot put.