My letter to the editor re: snow visitors did not get written so here, instead, are a few thoughts:

1. I see this issue as “a teachable moment” for our community as it is mostly about how we manage to deal with visitors from a different cultural background. For those from “south of the border,” a day in the snow for the family (without cost) must be fantastic.

For us, it’s become a nightmare. How to reconcile such opposing objectives? (I, too, had “visitors” with small feet, judging by size of shoes all over my totally fenced-in yard while I was home. Didn’t even know this until I saw footprints the next day. Imagine.)

2. All signage re: trash disposal should be in Spanish and English with, perhaps out of courtesy, Spanish first.

3. I suggest a non-threatening meeting with the “leaders” of Hemet, San Jacinto, Banning, Beaumont, etc., who might help us address this issue with their populous. I’m thinking of religious leaders, school officials, mayors, etc.

4. Perhaps handouts in Spanish could be written for school children to give parents re: visiting Idyllwild in the snow.

Basically, these are my few thoughts. I’ve put on my old hat as an anthropologist/sociologist to look at this  messy, touchy issue. I’m sure there are many more ideas along these lines. I do not think officialdom is the way to address and solve this for us. It is up to us, as a community, to work it out with kindness, generosity and compassion for those “off the Hill” but  not far from us, many of whom suffer from very low incomes and little money for recreation for their children. (Just look at the joy on their faces as they play.)

Lorel Cornman


P.S.: Ferrelgas wants $3.96/gallon to fill my tank! Imagine that!


  1. Know it wasn’t Lorel’s intention, but her comments are insensitive at best and even prejudice. According to the census at least 500 residents of Idyllwild are Latino. How do you think it sounds to them when you write “deal with visitors from a different cultural background,” different than whose? “South of the border,” really? That expression could easily be interpreted as a racist code-word for brown people. Idyllwilder’s are known for being friendly and welcoming to all visitors, please don’t buy into racial stereo-types. Let’s not build a wall between us and our neighboring flatlanders, after all we Trump isn’t president, yet.