Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats discussed how adopting a pet actually saves two lives.
Terra: Gather around everyone! Arnold, the kitten, has found his forever home! That leaves four kittens still looking but I’m certain they’ll find their homes soon.
Mr. Gray: Uh, Terra. Who is hanging around you?
Terra: Oh! My bad. This is Tilly. She is the mother of this newest litter of kittens. She is also in training to be an office cat.
Mr. Gray: Welcome, Tilly. Nice to meet you!
Tilly: Hi guys! So, I am recovering from a very busy time as a mom. I’m now spayed and ready to go to a forever home.
Zeus: I see that you are a very friendly cat.
Tilly: Yes, sir! I really like humans and want one of my own!
Zeus: Don’t we all!
Terra: She will be a good office cat, no doubt.
Zeus: Any human who stops by ARF will feel lots of love. That’s for certain.
Sadie: Those who want a playmate will love the kittens. They really like to play.
Zeus: Where are the dogs?
Mr. Gray: I’ve heard there aren’t any right now, but you know how it goes.
Bear: Yep. Any minute now ARF will have one.
Mr. Gray: The big problem is that ARF is down to one-an-a-half fosters.
Terra: That’s right. One foster can take a dog for only a day or two. The other is “in for the duration” but has cats, so the dogs must be cat-friendly or at least cat-tolerant.
Mr. Gray: So what does this mean?
Terra: It means that until some new angels step up to be fosters, the number of dogs ARF may care for is severely limited. ARF truly needs some fosters who are able to care for a dog until it is adopted
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