Last week in “The Days of Our Nine Lives,” MJ the Chihuahua was telling the cats about her perfect-pet qualities.


Olivia: MJ, we all agree that you are adorable, but you just might be knocked off your pedestal very soon.

MJ: Really? It probably won’t be by Mishka. It looks as though he might be leaving us for a forever family this coming weekend. We’ll


know for certain Sunday.

Olivia: I hope it works out for Mishka. He’s an awesome husky.

Heavenly Whiskers: The kittens are coming! The kittens are coming!


Bobbie: Oh, terrific. There goes my peace and quiet.

MJ: Ah, so that’s who you think will knock me off of my perfect pedestal.

Olivia: Yep. Five adorable kittens will be showing up this week, and they’re pretty spoiled.

London: How are they spoiled? Aren’t all ARF cats spoiled? We’re all treated very well, you know.

Heavenly Whiskers: For weeks they have been bottle-fed by some very dedicated ARF volunteers, namely Janet and Bonnie.

Heavenly Whiskers
Heavenly Whiskers

Bobbie: Even better: spoiled kittens. Kittens always get the attention, but these have demanded more attention than any of us have.

London: Bobbie, it’s not their fault. They had no mommy to feed them. It’s a good thing ARF was here to help.

MJ: I guess now ARF will have to get them ready to join forever families.

Heavenly Whiskers: They’ll probably be adopted pretty quickly, once they’re ready. They’re super cute.


Olivia: Once again, do I need to remind people how cute I am? Kittens-schmittens. I’m not even a year old.

MJ: And how about this Chihuahua? I will keep a lap warm just as well as any cat.

Will Bobbie learn to love the kittens? Will Mishka leave ARF this weekend with a forever family? Be sure to keep up with the animal antics of “The Days of Our Nine Lives” each week. And please stop in to say hello to the entire adoptable cast at the ARF House, 26890 Hwy. 243, Saturdays 10-4 and Sundays 10-2, or by appointment M-F by calling 951-659-1122.

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