Dave Barry has remarked that there’s nothing one can ever say or do but somebody else will take it much too seriously. I’m alluding, of course, to the Fourth of July laser show.

To me this sounds like innocent fun; others regard it as a call to arms. Some have expressed apprehension that unruly tourists may be attracted; a legitimate concern. However, I say we wait to see what actually happens, then perhaps reconsider our options for next year.

Others call the proposed show a desecration of nature. OK, it may not agree with one’s sense of aesthetics, but shooting laser beams at Lily Rock causes no more harm to nature than shining a flashlight on a pine tree. The show will leave behind fewer traces of human trespass than does a casual stroll in the woods.

And then a rather poetic appeal has been made to the legendary Chief Tahquitz, whose spirit, it is confidently asserted, the laser show will offend. By this same reasoning, we must imagine that the good gentleman’s spirit is downright apoplectic that this bunch of yahoos (us) built a town on his turf to begin with. Perhaps we should all move out, let nature and native ghosts reclaim the land. An argument could be made.

On the other hand, maybe the chief would be pleased to see the big rock become the focus of so much delighted attention for half an hour. Maybe, indeed, he would enjoy the show.

But, yes, it is absurd to speculate.

I hope that most Idyllwilders will do as I intend for the evening of the Fourth: a backyard supper with friends, followed by oohing and aahing at a playful salute to our free nation. And I’ll raise a glass to the generous, patriotic fellows who are making it happen.

Christopher Morse