Alright, you guys, I have a news flash for you: this is May; April Fools Day was last month. This story about the IFPD and City of San Jacinto Joint Powers Agreement  isn’t even that funny.

A good April Fools gag has just enough credibility to sucker the reader along until realizing the date. The idea that two public entities could meet in secret and and get this far along without public input beggars the imagination. Come on now, a conspiracy screenplay like that would be laughed out of any Hollywood studio.

I’ve taken the liberty of suggesting some more credible headlines for next year’s April 1 edition, assuming you folks get your calendar straight:

Elvis discovered living in seclusion in Idyllwild

Big Foot captured in Idyllwild

Congress gives Forest Service $2 billion for fire prevention work in Idyllwild

Idyllwild awarded 2024 Summer Olympics.

These stories might momentarily lull the reader into believing before realizing it’s a joke.

Always glad to be helpful,

Blair Ceniceros


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